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We value security as one of our highest priorities

Technical security Measures

Parrot uses, in combination with its proprietary systems, Google’s speech-to-text service to provide transcription. Google cannot use/access the data for any purpose other than completing the transcription, and deletes it from their servers shortly after completing the service. As the only HIPAA compliant automatic transcription service, Google offers the most secure and privacy-friendly transcription you can find. For more, check out Google Cloud’s Security Whitepaper and Data Processing Terms.

After the initial transcription, Parrot stores your audio and transcription data on Amazon AWS, the same service used by the CIA and thousands of other organizations with the utmost privacy concerns. All the information we store is encrypted using state of the art AES 256-bit encryption. Your data is only accessible to you, and the authenticated users that you explicitly share it with. Access is granted using industry-standard best practices.

All communication is encrypted over HTTPS, the industry standard for secure internet transactions. This means that the data that you send to and from Parrot is secure, even if your network is not secure (e.g. even if you are on a public Wi-Fi network).

Business Trust Guide

Trust is the foundation of relationship with our customers. We value the confidence you’ve put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your information seriously. To be worthy of your trust, we built and will continue to grow Parrot with an emphasis on security, compliance, and privacy.

Parrot is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. We always work hard with your IT departments to deliver smoothest and most secure integration of Parrot technologies into your workflow. You own your data, and we’re committed to provide you with highest level of security and control over it.